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Wuxi KLEK add Haoke can equipment to improve product quality

Publish Time:2015/11/13 0:00:00   Type:Industry News

    Valve industry is now more competitive, in order to improve the company's valve product quality, you need to make products to high life, bottom friction coefficient, corrosion resistance direction. By machining process of continuous innovation is one of the main development direction.Wuxi KLEK factory later this year added a new Haoke metal mirror surface processing technology, which subvert our traditional grinding process, or even replace grinder. Hawking metal mirror surface processing equipment primarily used for processing the valve stem, cylinder, triple eccentric valve plate, working out of the spool surface roughness Ra≤0.2, mirror effect can be achieved, greatly enhanced our valve life, so that our valve product quality and on a new level.



Comparison of traditional crafts


Haoke can process

Grinding Technology


Ra value≤0.2μm

Ra value≤0.8μm


improve 40%

Not improve

Wear resistance

improve 50%

Slightly improve

Surface hardness

improve 20%

Not improve

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